Exercises You Need To Train All Three Triceps Heads (Proven Tips)

The big and bulky triceps are usually the result of powerful and bulking arms.


If you want to know the best triceps training for developing the strength and defined triceps so, this is the right place for you.

In this article, we are going through the best of triceps exercises that you can also be done by combining the weight or without using any kind of weights.

There is a very large range of triceps exercises are published online in which some of the exercises are very effective and some have the lower result.

Different exercises targeted different muscles of the body.

There are a lot of majorities who are finding difficulty in performing these moves and some of the people may lose their motivation or dedication to performing these exercises.

Most of the people are avoiding the full range of the workouts or moves because they have a fear of hurting their shoulders and other parts of the body.

The very smart approach to begin with the dips and the light resistance training. The moves that have a complete range of motion in every aspect will definitely stretch your shoulders and the overall triceps muscle.

These types of mobility definitely allow your shoulders to keep healthier and stronger.

Here, in this article, you will learn about the best triceps exercises and the plan that give you the faster results.

Before starting the exercises, you may have some basic knowledge for the triceps.

What Are The Triceps?

The triceps are basically defined as three-headed muscle that are located on the back of your upper arm.

Here, is the connection of both elbow and shoulder joint to extend the elbow in a wide range.

The shoulder extension is the most crucial part of the Triceps training. Both of the medial and lateral heads exercises give the best look for Triceps that requires through specific training.

In most of the cases, the type 2 muscle fibers are also called as Fast Twitch.

Before going to deep, we should learn that what is the best way of training triceps is

Below mentioned exercises are usually done through the weights. The performance of exercises depends upon the different factors or conditions.

All of these exercises are effective for developing the strength and size for your triceps.

  • Follow The Full Extension:

When there is weight involved so, the upper and lower arms are involved in a straight line.

In the tempo training, the triceps are usually avoided.

  • Higher Speed With Higher Loads:

 If you are staying in the 3×5 ranges so, there is the speed work during the warm-up sets that is covered by so nicely.

 The fundamental truths for the triceps training are looking at the triceps head more specifically.

The Fundamental Steps Of The Triceps Training

Approximately, 80 to 90 percent of the training results comes from the simple basics.

The basic exercises for the triceps are heavy and compound barbell movements.

Tricep Exercises

The very well-known moves are the bench press and overhead press as well.

There are two main foundations of the upper body which are mentioned below;

  • Strength
  • Size

Without these, any training program is not completed.

More resistance will make the body grow.

There are many people who follow the triceps workout and then developing the size and definition which they want.

The compound exercises are the best for adding muscle strength and the size as well.

The Triceps Exercises

There are many types of different and better exercises that can give you the better result. All you need to just select the effective exercises.

In order to get the great triceps, you need to train all three triceps heads.

The below-mentioned exercises are also best for performing the sports, calisthenics, and different bodyweight exercises.

  • Skull Crushers:

The skull crushers are one of the best exercises that are responsible for pushing the triceps muscle that allows the size, growth, and strength.

Make a significant angle with the help of your arms and then pushes backward to develop the tension in your triceps muscle along with repetition and duration.

Begin with your lower arms that allow you to feel with stretch in your triceps.

The individuals with the lifting of lightweight are great to feel less pain in the elbow and skull crushers.

One of the main reason behind pain is that there are imbalances occurs in the arms and reduction of strength in the tendon and elbows.

  • Triceps Kickback:

The triceps kickback exercises are effective for extending the long head of your triceps.

 For performing the triceps kickback, you need to make the bent angle of the body and then change your position behind the back.

The triceps are mostly working when the arms are completely extended. The longer you hold the rep, more you will develop the triceps muscles.

  • Triceps Pushdown:

The triceps pushdown is a very basic exercise that is responsible for promoting the muscle mass around your triceps region.

This exercise is easy to perform because it has a mild effect on your elbows and the resistance exercises are just easy to set and adjust.

  • Narrow-Grip Bench Press:

The narrow grip combined with bench presses put the pressure on the Pectoral’s major muscles that put the pressure more on the resistance training.

It is one of the best exercises for beginning the triceps workout. The compound movements do not only train the triceps muscle but, also train the shoulders with Pecs. 

  • Weighted DIPS:

It is the type of another compound movements that are often responsible for putting the stress on heavy triceps.

More the grip narrow, greater your triceps muscle is targeted. 

The dips are easy to perform and generally do not require any equipment. You just need the dipping bar and the flat benches.

By performing the dips in the forward direction definitely results in the development of chest muscles.

  • Close Grip Bench Press:

This workout has some similarity to the bench press. You can perform this move by closing your hand together with the help of index fingers. 

You can perform this movement for twice or thrice to hit the triceps muscle.

  • Push-downs:

The push-downs is another best triceps exercise that is performed by every personal trainer in a gym.

Hold the rope, handle, and extend your arms straight. This is a very simple and effective exercise.

The variations of the Push-down are almost simple and effective that you can easily perform.

You can do it by the different bars and position of the hands.

  • French Presses:

The weight training has different names. The flat bench combined with the arms training that are extended.

The upper arm and lower barbell towards your head are relating to the skull crusher.

After reaching towards the head and extended arms can start the position.

  • Overhead Extensions:

The overhead extensions are only the stretching position for the Triceps.

You can easily perform this type of movement through any dumbbell press.

Lower the weight and turns your upper arm and then feel a good stretch.

  • Clusters:

The clusters training are the favorite to increases the mechanical load while weightlifting.

These are the traditional training that are the best for strength and growth purposes.

You can do at least 5 sets combined with 25 reps to get 90% to 85%.

The clusters are the best exercises to push up the movements for an elbow and different extension exercises.

  • The Rest-Pause:

One of the favorite parts of exercises is that you should take the rest for training.

We can use this method to reach towards target the rest.

You should take the rest time period for at least 10 seconds.

  • Supersets:

The supersets usually have almost three types of form. The purpose of triceps exercises is very simple.

These exercises are vital for any every type of the exercise such as isolation, compound, and stretch exercises.

If you never aware from these moves so, try to check out triceps exercises.

  • Barbell:

The variations of the barbell have usually activated the triceps that is too much strength as compared to other versions of the dumbbell.

  • Reverse-Grip Cable Press Down:

You can perform the reverse-grip cable press down that can activate the head of the Triceps.

None of the triceps workouts are complete without an incorporation of the underhand exercise.

  • The Overhead Cable Triceps Extension:

There are many variations are available for overhead cable triceps without any reason.

The cable triceps are usually offered the versatility and the grips for attachments. 

The overhead extensions are usually done through a rope but, you can be done through a combination of straight bar, and the cambered bar as well.

The strength usually put the strength on stretching. The cables continuous tension is the viable alternative and popular for the weight training as well.

You can perform it by attaching a rope with a high-pulley cable and that is facing away from the neutral and shoulder-width grip.

Let’s begin the long-head by making the 30 to 45 degrees.

  • Lying Triceps Extension:

Other names of lying triceps extension are French press. This is the exercise that is good for the muscle change.

This exercises can be performed by using the dumbbell or Ez-bar. These can maintain the focus with secondary emphasis.

  • Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension:

This is one of the favorite exercises that is good for properly targeting the triceps and allow to safely done the press with heavyweight and different muscles.

There are two types of the triceps extension such as two-handy triceps press and one-handed triceps press.

These moves allow you to lift more weight. One-handed triceps may allow your muscles to train and prevent from the muscle imbalances.

  • Cable Triceps Kickback:

The cable triceps are the more general option for the cable triceps back.

Most of the peoples prefer to do kickbacks combined with dumbbells that make the workout to perform harder, cheat the meals, and maintaining the good health from heavier weight.

 The Chart For Triceps Workout

Tricep Workout

These workouts are demanding and most commonly done by the individuals.

                                                  The Triceps Workout
Beginner Triceps Workout  Intermediate Triceps Workout Advanced Triceps Workout
Narrow-Grip Bench Press Dips Or Narrow-Grip Bench Press Narrow-Grip Bench Press
Weighted Dips Skill crushers Weighted Dip
Skill Crushers Triceps Pushdowns Skull Crushers
Triceps Pushdowns Behind The Back Raise Triceps Pushdowns 
Behind The Back Raise Triceps Kickbacks Behind The Back Raise
Triceps Kick Backs   Triceps Kickbacks

The most common exercises for the Triceps Are Close-Grip Bench Press, Dumbbell Overhead Extension, Dip, Cable Triceps Overhead Extension, Lying Triceps Extensions, Cable Triceps Kickback, Close-Grip Pushup, Barbell Overhead Press, And Barbell Or Dumbbell Bench Press.

 Each of the exercises has different ranges of the reps and you may also take the rest for 2-3 minutes between the sets.

These workouts are responsible for developing the strength and triceps.

All of these moves are good for the triceps growth, aesthetic physique, and improving the strength.

Train your triceps but, make sure your nutrition is very well defined;

Training triceps are one of the best parts of the gym. Most of the people love to pump during good sessions especially if you are work from the biceps.

Most of the exercises and tips definitely help you to work with your biceps muscle.

Different exercises in this post definitely help you to build up the triceps.

The nutrition plays a very important role combined with exercises.

Train your triceps muscle twice per week;

  • Lifting big, hard, and heavy 
  • Build the long combined with specific exercises
  • Select lateral and medial heads through arm rotation
  • Choose alternative of the legal steroids
  • If you are facing the difficulty to perform the triceps exercises then try the normal dips or bench dips. For making the dips super hard, then you should try the gymnastics rings.

If you are normally train the biceps and triceps session so, begin with the triceps workout.

These workouts are good for adding the size as well as strength. At the end of triceps, you may feel exhausted and fatigued.

Do regularly.

Train hard and stay safe.


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